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Icons b-locked is a blockchain-based platform that serves to prove the authenticity of a product beyond all doubt. It is a pioneering solution designed to underpin the value of signed memorabilia and lock-in consumer trust.

Icons is the world’s leading originator and supplier of signed football memorabilia with a unrivalled reputation for trust, quality and authenticity. We are trusted by sport’s biggest names and associations, such as Lionel Messi, FIFA and UEFA. We are the first application of the b-locked blockchain solution.

Icons CEO Dan Jamieson says: “Authenticity is everything to us. Without it we have nothing. Now, our twenty-year quest for truth has led us to blockchain, the last word in authenticity.” We know what Icons b-locked can do for the sports memorabilia market but it can have far wider applications. In any market in which authenticity matters, b-locked’s potential is limitless.

In order to bring Icons b-locked to like-minded companies and individuals, we will be soon launching a token sale. To learn more and keep up-to-date with Icons b-locked, join our waiting list today.

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